The FIRST of its Kind!

Positive affirmations and activities for children that aids in building self-esteem, a positive mindset, and ethical values.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is self-encouragement and support. A statement you repeat and declare to yourself.

FOR EXAMPLE: “I am going to have a great day today!” and “I am strong, brave, and smart!’

Great and interactive workbook for kids filled with nothing but fun and positivity! Over 100 affirmations that help develop positive mental health attributes and self-empowerment for kids.

  • Over 100 affirmation declarations
  • Full-page coloring pages
  • Wordsearch & crossword puzzles
  • Writing and journaling activities
  • Self-reflection & positive reinforcement

Who is this book for?

  • Boys and girls age 9 to 12
  • Parents who wish to teach self-empowerment
  • Therapist, counselors, parents, siblings, teachers and anyone who wants to share the message of encouragement, ethics and self-love

ISBN: 978-173315249-5 (paperback)
Published by Purple Diamond Press 2020

For wholesale distribution: Ingram