What If We Were All The Same!

A Children's Book About Ethnic Diversity and Inclusion

The idea of What If We Were All The Same! aims to help children understand that there is nothing wrong with being different. Whether they have red hair or brown hair, green eyes or blue eyes, long legs or short legs, light skin or dark skin, glasses, uses a wheelchair or anything else, it’s absolutely OKAY!

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About the Book

What If We Were All The Same! is a children’s book that embraces the beautiful differences we all have in relation to height, hair type, abilities and much more. Perfect for non-readers, early readers and children of all ages. What kind of world would we be living in if everyone looked the same and did the same things? —- a boring one!

Genres: Children's book, Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Purple Diamond Press LLC
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Hardcover
Length: 28 pages
Illustrator: Ashlynn Feather
ASIN: 1735537225
ISBN: 9781735537221

List Price: 21.99
What If We Were All The Same! is an inspirational and warm celebration of the differences in all living things. Her story sends an important message to kids who often want to be just like everyone else. Artist Eric Everett does a grand job of visualizing the monochromatic world where everything is the same and contrasting it with the world as it is, filled with kids of all colors, shapes, sizes, and abilities. Each panel is brightly colored and upbeat and works perfectly with the story. This is a grand selection for storytime and offers teachers and caregivers opportunities to have kids weigh in on how their differences make them special in after-story-time discussions. It’s also suitable for new readers to try on their own. What If We Were All The Same! is highly recommended.
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