What If We Were All The Same Children's

What If We Were All The Same!

is a children’s book that embraces the beautiful differences we all have in relation to height, hair type, abilities, and much more.

—Multi-Award Winner—

Featured on “BBC CBeebies Lunchtime Stories” on Oct 14, 2020


Just Because…

is a children’s story book that embraces and teaches self-acceptance and looking past our circumstances.

Beautiful story of strength, acceptance, and full of colorful illustrations!

Affirmations for kids workbook

My Affirmations Workbook

100+ positive affirmations and activities for children that aids in building self-esteem, a positive mindset, and ethical values.

Forthcoming Titles
The Lonely Zebra Cover by C.M. Harris

The Lonely Zebra

is a children’s picture book teaching forgiveness, kindness, and how using our voices to stand up against bullies helps others.

Whycanti Cover 01


Why Can’t I…

Ms. Freckle is back!