School visits are very exciting and fun for not only the students but for the teachers too!

Special school discount book pricing available

Contact for wholesale pricing**

What If We Were All The Same Book Cover

Available options*:

Rates to be discussed

  • 1 Classroom visit or Assembly - includes author book reading, friendship & inclusion presentation, service dog introduction, Q&A with students, and pre-signed books - within Orange County, CA-
  • Full day visit - visiting multiple classrooms (up to 5) or multiple assemblies (up to 3) - 35-minute classroom visits include book reading, presentations and short Q&A - within Orange County, CA -

    Outside of Orange County: I will determine pricing on a case-by-case basis, if the author visit requires more than 60 minutes of travel the author's travel (gas) expenses must be covered, including if visit requires a hotel stay.

*Rates are negotiable. I do not want to deny anyone an author visit based on financial restrictions, I am open to negotiating terms and conditions. Email me at to discuss circumstances.

5 book purchase minimum required (discounted price)