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New Release! Just Because…

Just. Because. Book

Today is the day!

Just Because… is now available

Just Because… is a children’s story book that embraces and teaches self-acceptance and looking past our circumstances.

Ms. Freckle is one of the kindest teachers you could ever wish for but she has a secret, one she’s worried her students will laugh at.

A beautiful story of strength, acceptance, and full of colorful illustrations!

Just because you may be short, read slowly, wear glasses, or if you use a wheelchair — so what! There’s so much you are able to do!….

We all have differences, but once you step into the class of Ms. Freckle — the nicest teacher of them all, there’s no need to worry! Just Because… is a feel-good story about accepting who we are and finding the courage to be who we are despite what others may think.

Just Because… embraces the acceptance of ourselves and others while identifying that our circumstances do not define us. Just Because you wear glasses does not mean you’re a nerd and Just Because you may be short does not mean you can’t play sports. We can do anything!

Peek inside:

Ms. Freckle has a tick known as Tourette’s Syndrome and is worried her class will laugh at her. The book. shows that adults have worries and insecurities too and that the kindness of her students helps her feel reassured that everything will be okay. Just Because she has a tick it’s ok! It also includes a great bonus self-reflective activity.

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