What If We Were All The Same Children's

Award Winner in the Children’s Picture Book: Softcover Fiction category of the 2019 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest

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What If We Were All The Same! embraces the beautiful differences we all have in relation to height, hair type, abilities, and much more. Perfect for non-readers, early readers, and children of all ages. What kind of world would we be living in if everyone looked the same and did the same things? — a boring one!

A hopeful way to talk to your children about their differences.

The idea of this book is to help children understand that there is nothing wrong with being different. Whether they have red hair or brown hair, green eyes or blue eyes, long legs or short legs, light skin or dark skin, glasses, or anything else, it’s absolutely OKAY!

Our differences are what makes us unique and if we truly think about it, would you want to be the exact same as someone else? What if we all looked and had the skills of Bill Gates? How boring would it be to have millions of techies walking around? Who would have created music? art? food? clothes? and so much more!

Who is this book for?

  • Parents and families who have experienced a child comparing themselves to their siblings or other children

  • Parents who wish to address and explain the issue of bullying, racism, and prejudices.

  • Families who have children with different physical abilities i.e children who use a wheelchair

  • Therapist, counselors, parents, siblings, teachers, and anyone who wants to share the message of embracing differences


ISBN: 978-173315247-1 (paperback)
Published by Purple Diamond Press 2019

2nd Edition Editor – Bunmi Ishola
Book Cover Design – Book Cover Cafe

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